Bollywood Studio tour with Live Dance and Private transfers


The world saw what India was capable of with Dadasaheb Phalke’s Raja Harishchandra. After that, India’s journey through movies was unstoppable. Today we see those glamorous stars act for us on the screen, put up a good show and entertain us throughout their life. Being the biggest industry in India, Bollywood is an entire world in itself. This world has been the center of attention and attraction of all the throbbing hearts of this country, be it an 80-year-old or a young toddler. Every Bollywood fanatic has a wish: to meet their favorite stars and watch movies come to life. This tour is for all the movie lovers and
Bollywood fans because without them, maybe this place wouldn’t have existed. 

The tour will kick off from your pick up locations at your hotels. This will be a 4-hour guided tour of the Bollywood film city. You will get a chance to sing and
record a song sung by none other than you. this will be followed by a Bollywood documentary about the 100 years of Bollywood cinema. To the dancers out there, you will get a chance to shake your leg at the live Bollywood style dance. Also, there will be a visit to a live shooting location. This will be your
chance to check out how a movie breathes through every step and is brought to life in the end. This will also be your chance to peek a glance at the behind
the scenes activities on a live film set. If your lucky stars are with you, you definitely will get a chance to check out the makeup rooms of actors and get
your picture taken with a Bollywood actor. Then, the tour will proceed to the amazing Bollywood café and museum. After this, we arrive to see how VFX, Chroma effects are added. There will be more activities such as the visit to pre-made sets, Bollywood wall of frame and Bollywood Broadway.  

After the exploration of the reel world, the guests will be dropped at the main gate from where the driver will pick them up and drop at their respective hotels.  

Price/Pax Rs 7425