Mumbai Sightseeing by Motorbike


A world in its own, Mumbai is a city of a unique kind. The beauty of this coastal city is present in its salty air and scenic atmosphere. Be it the serene breeze along Marine Drive or the breathtaking sunset from Malabar Hill, this city leaves you mesmerized every single day.  

Developing at light’s speed, locals often complain of the commotion caused by the heavy pouring traffic and the problems it has begun to pose off late. This also becomes a problem for visitors. The Mumbai Bikers have been blessings in disguise. These trained bikers, take you around the city. They have a load of information to offer to you. These ever enthusiastic individuals season your tour with their welcoming attitude. They also quench your thirst for more
information with their expertise in these arenas. The years of experience that they have are a feather in our crown.  

Some of the foremost benefits of the motorbike tour are that they save your time. You can cover more destinations. There is flexibility in altering the tours as per one’s convenience and timings. These motorbikes are safe with respect to their functionality and strictly comply with the law to wear helmets.  

A city that looks picturesque throughout the day shimmers when illuminated in the evenings. The enthralling experience to witness this in the evening is one strong recommendation very other local you suggest. The customer-friendly and affordable prices simplify the process. All in all it blesses the tour takers by embedding on their minds, memories they’d cherish all their lives.   

Price/Pax Rs 3100